Day Seven

The Words: As our last outing with Jared’s family before we ran back to the comfort and loud of the city, we went to Dim Sum (another feast of ridiculous proportions even for the 9 people that sat around the table). I was the white girl that needed a fork but I survived. I drank soy milk on a “dare” (newsflash to the 30 and older crowd – soy milk is no longer a strange thing. You can get it on every corner, be it in a Starbuck’s or a CVS) and tried sesame balls for the first time. Yummy! (Even if Jared doesn’t seem to think so).

Next, we went to the IRA in Boston. A lot of modern art and people-watching of the ironic tophat wearing and crazy variety. This is the first “exhibit”, right as you enter the museum, which is right on the Boston Harbor. I like the way that the youngest people are also the closest ones to the bright reflection of modern art. A little farther back is Jared’s Uncle Kenny and still not quite sure about this whole thing – Jared’s Grandma Chiang. (Not pictured: Littlest Zeizel, Austin who spent his time in the museum texting his friends 🙂 )


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Day Six

The Words:

Camille: hey will you write really quickly about how you got Isabelle/her name?

Below is what my boyfriend wrote when I typed that into this blog and passed him my laptop on the BoltBus on the way home from Christmas with his family. The adoration and love you see in this photo obviously goes both ways. See for yourself in his story.

Six Years Ago, my mom decided she wanted a dog. We all loved dogs so we were not opposed. My dad couldn’t oppose because he was in Morocco or Thailand or somewhere. He enjoys man’s best friend as much as the next joe, so we figured that upon his return he would not kick the dog we were planning on getting to the curb.

Being that my mom is a goodhearted lady, she made the executive decision that our family would adopted a dog from a rescue program. After what I imagine to be hours, my mother came upon a dog rescue program situated out of Vermont or Maine or one of those New England states that was not Massachusetts or Rhode Island, that found their impoverished dogs from the Island of Anguilla.

Baby Izzy

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Day Five

The Words: Christmas dinner is never a production at my house. Yes, we go out the day before to pick up the Christmas ham the good folks at Honeybaked have been holding on to for us. My mother creates amazing potatoes, rolls and salads to accompany them. But when we sit down for dinner, it is just the four of us. Mother, father, son and daughter. No far-traveling relatives, and no grandparents with old tales. But both of those were present at this Christmas dinner.

Jared’s mom has two brothers, one who was able to make the trip from Maryland and another who his grandparents didn’t expect at the house because he lives in California. But when they came downstairs this morning, there was their son, all the way from California, sharing bagels and lox with the family.

Then, after the craziness of presents had passed and every scrap of wrapping paper had been reclaimed, Jared broke out the video camera and interview his grandparents about their lives in China and America during World War II, the 50s, and beyond. It was amazing to hear the small anecdotes that make up so many years of life.

Here Jared and his mom prepare for dinner. Vivian made a ridiculous feast, complete with courses with their own sauces, and plenty of vegetarian things for me. I truly felt welcome and blessed to be a part of it.

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Day Four

Yeah… I know there’s no day 3, but gotta be honest… I was on a bus!

The Words: Jared and I are spending Christmas with his family in Boston. Tonight was so typically family-time, I was in heaven. We stuffed ourselves on Chinese food and then came home to play poker. Jared’s grandma, mom, Uncle Jack, and grandpa got really into it, betting up to $1.50 a time! Watch out, Vegas! Also pictured is Jared’s dad’s hand, digging into the delish pie and coffee we shared while laughing over cards. Merry Christmas, everyone!

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Day Two

Here’s day two. This is quite difficult! But I will be on a bus for quite some time tomorrow traveling from NYC to the Boston area so maybe not only photo taking but photo uploading might take place.

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Here goes…

This blog has no purpose. At this moment, it doesn’t. This WordPress,, has been many things. It was my first experience with WordPress – a medium I now use daily with my work at my internship at WCBS and when I’m back at school, with the Pendulum. It was the spot to post many fledgling stories from my Reporting for the Public Good classes. But now I’m done with those. So what does this blog do?

My good friend, David Wells, recently graduated from Elon University. He also recently started a project called A Thousand A Day and encouraged his friends to do the same. Each day, David takes and posts a photograph that tells a story. I’m going to try to do that. So here’s the thousand words that made up December 20. Look for other pictures in the Thousand Word tab at the top and check back!

The Words: Getting into the Christmas Spirit, Jared and I decided to make gingerbread cookies, something neither one of us had ever made, from scratch. Trader Joe’s had no molasses, so we trudged in the cascading snow to The Food Emporium, which only had overpriced icing and minimal ingredients to offer us. Whole Foods supplied (for a nominal fee) the ginger, molasses and everything else for the cookies. But they only had gingerbread women cookie cutters! How incredibly P.C. So it was back to the Food Emporium to grab dog and heart cutters. The puppy cutter made it as my photo of the day. Tomorrow I’ll post more photos from our holiday baking.

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Wet weather Wednesday doesn’t stop Jody

On gray mornings like today, Elon students want to curl up and not go to class. And when they do drag their feet to the hallowed halls, they do it in the comfort of their cars. Bright pink squares dot Williamson Ave. this morning showing that a few of those students have over stayed their welcome.

“They definitely stay longer. They think I’m not coming ’cause its raining,” said Jody Rainker, parking enforcement officer for the town of Elon. She adds with a laugh: “And sometimes I don’t come when it’s raining.”

The cold and wet don’t bother Rainker who moved to North Carolina from upstate New York.

“I enjoy being out here no matter the weather,” she said.

She ripped another damp pink rectangle from her pad and placed it under windshield wipers that will be getting some use this week.

Rainker and the rest of Elon will trudge a few more days of rain and cold. Going into the weekend, expect light precipitation and highs of less than 60 degrees.

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